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Saturday, March 1, 2008

SOLD - H&M Blazer size 2

I bought this on sale last year and bought two because I liked the color so much. I don't need a duplicate so am selling the second.

Asking: $20 + exact ship


  1. I like this blazer too but not quite sure if it will fit me. I wear size 4 with H&M's blouses(somewhat loose) with measurements of Chest-33 and Hips-33

  2. Hi,

    I think the blazer would fit you. Here's how the other one fits me:

    I'll get you some measurements as soon as I get home. Thanks.

  3. What's the exact color of this.. is it gray or brownish salmon color?

  4. The color pictured above is a pretty good representation of it irl since I used flash to take it. I don't really know how to describe the the modeling pictures I wasn't using flash and the yellow light gave it a yellowish tint.

  5. okay, I don't have this color in my dresser so I will get it.Anyway, I can give it to my daughter if it will fit small for me. Just tell me the combined shipping cost together with the halter cami and please let me know the the mechanics on how I can pay you, it's my first time buying on one-on-one basis. I can pay through paypal. Thanks Elle

  6. If you want to leave me your email address or email me at we can get the details worked out. I just calculated shipping on USPS and the two should cost about $6.82 to mail. I'll reimburse you the difference if it cost less.

  7. Thanks Elle, I will e-mail you my email address

  8. Hi there.

    Just measured. the sleeves are 23.5 inches long, waist about 14 inches and underarm to underarm 16 inches. this is measured from the front.

  9. looks like it will fit me! kindly check your email, I sent my email address